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Does science disapprove the existence of God?

On September 25, 2017, Posted by , In Religions And Beliefs, With Comments Off on Does science disapprove the existence of God?

Just consider the structure of your body, and then ask yourself it could be without a designer. Is God real? If God is not real, who created such a complex structure?

What do your surroundings suggest?

The computer in front of you has a designer, the fan moving on the ceiling comes with a designer, the chair you are sitting in is built of someone, so how can someone think Is God real or not?

Evolutionary theory

The big questions of life will make you end up with nothing but there’s a creator for everything. Nothing is out of nowhere. If there’s no God you must know where you came from. Just believing in the evolutionary process won’t help people satisfy their curiosity.

Do humans serve a purpose?

There are a lot of other questions in the mind. Do humans serve a purpose? Why do you exist on the planet and then you give up your ghosts once for all? And then, we never come back here, never! Our ancestors have gone forever from this earth and never came back because of being wasted underground. There’s nothing wrong with the question, is God real?

The scientific research

The scientific research tells us how this world was made but gives no clue to its designer. It is something like, someone just tells you the way your chair is made of but fails to tell who made it. So, in such a situation; the arousal of such questions isn’t’ something that’s weird.

What happens after we die? When we see an old dug grave, we get to know that there’s nothing left inside it. The blistering underground heat has left nothing but a few bones that will too disappear when the same grave will be dug again – just to observe the facts. So the question of God’s presence is fundamental.