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One simple mistranslation & slip up might invite terrible results!

On October 10, 2017, Posted by , In Writing and Translation, With Comments Off on One simple mistranslation & slip up might invite terrible results!

What’s a translation service?

If you are looking for a translation service, then this piece of information can work for you. A translation service is responsible for translating the content in any form from one language to another. In this day & age, the translation service has turned into a commercial industry, overlapping with commercial translation mostly.

The right sources of information

The right sources of information can really help you choose, fast and high-quality professional translation at the best rates. So, before you are finalizing the assignment, you just need to understand or ask yourself what type of information is really going to work instead of wasting time in understanding special terminologies. So, the first information you might need to gather is to understand a little overlap between legal translation and commercial translation.

Difference between commercial and legal translation

There are those who allege that the legal translation was not up to the mark and it happens as result of lack of information about legal terms. This brief of article intends to serve the reader with the information as a help towards the understanding of whether the work they have received is really worth its price or not. Or, they just wasted the time and money!

Choose a reputable translation service

After you have understood the difference between the commercial and legal translation, you must have to choose a reputable translation service with a good success record as one simple mistranslation or slip up might bring about terrible results.

A general translation

Just a general translation can be made by anyone who should know both of the languages but when it comes to legal or engineering level, every translator is made for this. So, for the general translation, you just need a person with good command on both the languages, and that’s it.

You just need to understand that fact that what you want to heave is not the world’s fastest professional translation service but the world’s best professional translation service. Below are some of the most important types of translations.

  • Commercial translation
  • Literary translation
  • General translation
  • Legal translation
  • Administrative translation