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Everything you need to know about Cloud Computing!

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Everything you need to know about Cloud Computing!

On November 14, 2017, Posted by , In Computer & Networking, With Comments Off on Everything you need to know about Cloud Computing!

What is cloud computing? This question most of the time is unanswered because most people using it don’t take the pain to spend the time to learn the term. In simple words, it is just a practice of using a network.

The term applies only when someone is using their network of remote servers. It is just a practice and not software as most IT students might think so when they simply ask, “What is cloud computing?”

You can simply get the answer to the question “what is cloud computing?” with the simple practical example. Let’s see how.

Well, whenever you are using a personal computer or a local server, you are not part of cloud computing. On the contrary, when you are processing, managing and storing data using a remote server, this means you are part of could service. Hopefully, you get the idea in your mind in a more simple way than ever!

A beginner’s guide over the internet

This piece of writing has given you and is going to give you a simple idea, hence if you want to learn more, you will easily get a beginner’s guide over the internet for free or might be on payment on some particular sites. Simply put, when you are offline you are not using the cloud or when you are online, for example, you are now part of cloud computing, you are using the cloud.

In even simpler way than the above, when you are using your PC without an internet connection, you are not using cloud computing but when you are uploading or downloading something it is the result of cloud computing.

The cloud computing includes all the computing services using the internet such as a database, storage, analytics, networking, and storage. The delivery of computing services belong to or comes from the cloud computing.